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I regularly get approaches from people who want to use the Classroom Displays Blog as an example in their post graduate studies. Often they want to conduct some kind of interview with me. To avoid duplication I decided to make this page to gather together some of my answers to their questions. So now if you do have questions that have not been covered here please feel free to ask for more information, either by leaving a comment on this page or by e-mailing me. (Linda.Hartley@gmail.com)

Start by having a look at Six Questions where I cover the answers to the following questions:

1. Why did you start classroom displays?
2. What’s your underlying purpose?
3.What are you learning from
the community that has sprung up around the flickr group
and blog?
4. What does the range of pictures say about what’s
going on in schools?
5. Do you think old practices still hold their
grip, or are new more student-centered activities emerging?

In Reflections on blogging
you will find a discusssion of my own experiences of blogging and an explanation of the way I think blogs are used most effectively.

You might want to have a look at my research methodology. In it I explain why I chose an action research approach and discuss the assumptions that under-pin my work.

My statement of ethics will give an insight into my descision to be transparent in my actions.

There is also a podcast interview with me on David Noble’s Booruch blog

If you still have questions after reading this I’ll be happy to answer them. An e-mail exchange suits me best as I like to take my time and give reflective answers.

At some point I’d want to read any analysis of the blog and also have an opportunity to reply. This might mean my blogging about it in Acting to Improve. As I said before I like to do everything related to my work in the open so that there’s a visible audit trail to my on-going action inquiry.

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