My Exhibition

Welcome to Linda Hartley’s Degree Exhibtion.
Opening Times
The exhibition is now only open for viewing, interactive elements have been removed.
The exhibition is closed between 3pm and 4pm on Friday afternoons (GMT) due to server maintenance.
After viewing please return to this page to leave any comments and to access the Feedback Survey.
Enjoy the virtual cake and coffee or cheese and wine
For those of you attending the face to face Workshop real cakes and coffee will be available in the staffroom afterwards.
In the Annex
The Smart Filter at our school blocks the Classroom Displays Blog and the RIdge Primary Wiki. To show those of you at the workshop what they are like I’ve made these short screencasts. View them on your cd, or on-line here.
1. The Classroom Displays Blog -the movie.
2.The Ridge Primary Wiki
(or how we could have a web site that any of us could edit just by typing!)
(Note the first one is a really big file so will take some time to load – please be patient or ask me for the cd)
Also see the children’s version of the Exhibition

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