Yee haw it’s the barn raising!

Five days of rapid wiki community building at the DARnet wiki have just started.


So there’s lots of work to be done, people to meet and cycles of action research to be undertaken. The central channel for communication is the barn raising page on DARnet wiki, and I need to find an internet relay chat (irc) rc client for mac OSX.café

Already, we have a proposal from Giorgio Bertini for the DARnet wiki to become a “Action Research Coffee Shop, an encounter place for Jean McNiff’s “Critical Friends and Validation Group for Professional Learning”, for colleages working on Action Research projects to present them, exposing the projects to others critiques and suggestions”

I enthusiastically endorse the proposal because the kind of peer review process described seems like an excellent purpose for the emerging DAR community to congregate.

Tags: barnraising, wiki, launch, CoP2.0, distributedactionresearch


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