PajamaNation is now FREE

Registration for the pajamanation global microjobs exchange is now going to be free, forever. There will be no subscription fee, and no commission or percentage charged on microjob contracts.

pajamanation logo

Just as I pondered after listening to Jyri Engestrm, the business model for a sucessful website these days often needs to change. “Charge the publishers, not the spectators”. I’m not sure that we will ever have ‘spectators’ as such, but there will be people who are occasional browsers, searching the microjobs exchange just in case they spot something they fancy doing at that particular time. So searching, browsing, registering and placing ‘bids’, quotes or tenders will be completely free (as in beer). Pajamaworkers are also encouraged to consider creating microjobs of their own to place onto the exchange for others to bid on, to become micropreneurs, and there is no charge for this either.

So that’s the announcement over. What are you waiting for?

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