wikihow : How to install wikihow mediawiki software

I tried installing the wikihow version of mediawiki software because it’s admired, and I need to know how it does some things. The nice people at wikihow have included what claims to be a compete bundle of all the skin modifications and extensions used by wikihow software in one big compressed file called


So I uploaded the above file, extracted all the contents and ran through the usual mediawiki ‘one click’ install procedure – creating the MySQL database and user manually, editing adminsettings.sample, running the install script from the browser and then moving localsettings.php up to the parent directory. It told me it had installed mediawiki software successfully, but at the next step throws out a fatal error message that Article.php is failing to call PatrolHelper.php

PatrolHelper.php appears to be missing.

I tried commenting out the broken call but that caused more errors from lines depending on class variables having been initialised by said missing subroutine.

Any suggestions for getting the wikihow software working?

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