Nurturing Creativity – The Harvest

Featuring a family that’s been in the business for about three centuries, nurturing around 350 a year. Harvest is the start of the process, when they are nice and ripe.

There are about 200 creatives in the top field, and maybe 150 in the bottom field. being creative need lots of praise, to massage their egos but you can’t leave them in too long or else they become temperamental.

They use a hydraulic juicer, because modern ones give 20% more juice. The distribution centre is for all the companies that need creativity.

Online and direct marketing campaigns. Computer games and animation industries. TV ads.

Testing new blends like the Swindon rootstock grafted to Cornwall foliage. Any rotten uns, just get mulched up and sent up to Chelsea, for the flower show. A lot of people  pontificate about the future of  advertising  but  you can’t beat good ideas.

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