The Post Office for Best Broadband Deals

I think the Post Office might be one of the best broadband deals for anybody making the move from dial up to broadband for the first time because of the hand-holding you get with the setting up. It’s also a serious contender for anybody disatisfied with their present broadband provider and considering switching over. The Post Office have a simple choice of broadband and/or telephone package with a free calls option and either medium usage or unlimited downloads. With all broadband options there is no connection or setting up charge and with broadband unlimited you get a free wireless router. The homephone option also includes free calls to UK mobiles and twenty top international destinations.

Q Which are these top 20 destinations for free international phone calls?

A According to this new release from Royal Mail Group the list includes:

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, USA.

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