Symptoms of Swine Flu – H1N1 Virus

Swine Flu Outbreak in Mexico and the US

An outbreak of a new strain of Swine Flu has broken out in Mexico, infecting around 1,000 people killing at least 62 so far. The flu virus has been identified as an H1N1 strain. While any new flu strain has the potential of causing a world pandemic, this one is being watched very carefully by the World Health Organisation.

“This is highly contagious, it can be fatal and it has pandemic properties,” said Mexico’s health secretary, Jose Angel Cordova, on national television, advising people to stay in their homes if possible, keep away from public places and avoid physical contact. But middle class Mexicans are starting to flee from the city already if they possibly can.

There have also been four cases in San Diago, California which appear to be the same H1N1 strain as the flu virus in Mexico.

Although known as swine flu, the strain designated H1N1 actually has features of pig, avian and human viruses combined.

In Mexico City, museums and theatres have been closed, rock concerts cancelled and the weekend football game in the giant 100,000 capacity Aztec football stadium was played in front of empty seats.

(CNN) The presence of swine flu in Mexico and the United States is “a serious situation” that could develop into a pandemic, the World Health Organization’s director-general said on Saturday 25th April 2009.
“This is an animal strain of the H1N1 virus and it has pandemic potential because it is infecting people,” Dr. Margaret Chan said Saturday speaking to reporters by phone.

Swine Flu Symptoms

Symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to the symptoms of regular seasonal influenza and include fever, lethargy, coughing and a lack of appetite.

People can avoid spreading the disease by covering coughs and sneezes and washing hands frequently. Avoiding physical contact with others would also be a good idea, but there’s a whole lot more too it than just this. If you want to survive the swine flu pandemic which is going to affect everybody in the next 12 months then the single most useful thing you can do to help protect yourself and your family is to educate yourself about the nature of the pandemic and what is likely to happen. Then you can be better prepared and greatly improve the odds in your favour. Yes, there is lots of  good information about swine flu available on the internet but it has variable quality ( some can be totally misleading) and it is scattered about lots of different places which don’t all come up in Google or Bing.  That’s why it’s well worth getting hold of  the authoritative book “Survive Pandemic Flu” by Stephen Carter, Ph.D. This information goes into great depth all around the subject, but also keeps to the point of what you need to know. It’s properly researched, accurate and bang up to date.

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Flu and You – UK Flu Research Book

“Flu and You” is the title of another book that’s just been released by one of Oxford University’s premier researchers in microbiology. At under a fiver, it’s excellent value for all the information you need.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing hands frequently, avoiding touching the face, covering the nose and mouth when sneezing and staying home when sick. People cannot be infected by eating pork.

update: 29/04/2009:

First US Death from Swine Flu Symptoms

A  Texas child is the first person known to have died from swine flu H1N1 symptoms outside of Mexico. In Mexico City the new virus may have killed as many as 160 people or more, possible going back several weeks before the outbreak became widely reported. Officials in Washington have given no further details about the patient, aged 1 year 11 months. US Federal health officials had been warning that the virus probably would claim lives in the US before running its course. The full extent of the outbreak is impossible to predict.

64 cases have been confirmed US wide, with other cases in New Zealand, Spain and the UK

Germany became the latest new country to report cases of the H1N1 virus, reporting three confirmed sufferers.

Border controls and travel restrictions would not be enough now to prevent the deadly disease from spreading throughout the world.

Swine Flu Symptoms Video

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