The Forth Road Bridge


Forth Road Bridge Scotland

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I don’t have anything in particular I wanted to say about the Forth Road Bridge really, just to post this photograph I took from a vantage point on the south bank of the Forth, just outside the town of Queensferry.

Anything you wanted to know about the Forth Road Bridge you could find out in the rather dull Wikipedia entry:

The Forth Road Bridge is a suspension bridge in east central Scotland. The bridge, opened in 1964, spans the Firth of Forth; connecting the capital city Edinburgh, at South Queensferry, to Fife, at North Queensferry. The bridge replaced a centuries-old ferry service to carry vehicular traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians across the Forth; rail crossings are made by the adjacent and historic Forth Bridge.

Issues regarding the continued tolling of the bridge, and those over its deteriorating condition and proposals to have it replaced or supplemented by an additional crossing, have caused it to become something of a political football for the Scottish Parliament, which eventually voted to scrap tolls on the bridge with effect from 11 February 2008.

Just whatever you do, don’t get it confused with the much more spectacular but more difficult to photograph “Forth Bridge” which is a railway bridge running parallel, in much the same way as the Tamar road bridge and Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s famous Saltash Bridge ( The Royal Albert Bridge) between Plymouth and Cornwall.

Neither the Forth Bridge nor the Forth Road Bridge is painted continuously.


The Forth Bridge (Railway)

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