Oystercard PAYG On Main Line Rail in London

Oystercard On Mainline Rail at last

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At last, since 3rd January 2010 we now have the Oystercard Pay As You Go machines installed and working on all main line railway stations in London. This means it’s no longer necessary to make the advance guessing calculation as to whether it’s better to buy a return rail ticket into Liverpool Street station plus a possible two bus or tube journeys, or buy the one day off peak travelcard. Single journeys are taken off the Oystercard at £2.30 a go, and then the whole days journeys are capped at the rate of a travelcard if you do make that many journeys in total. It’s nice because the range of Transport for London extends right out to Romford

Oystercard On Mainline Rail at last

as well. The only disadvantage is that the Oystercard now needs topping up more often, but the railway station near where I live has no facilities to do this yet! So it’s a walk across the road to a local newsagents or else remember to top up when I’m out somewhere at a tube station, London Overground, or where the newsagent is right next to the bus stop.


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