The Songwriters Circle

Wanstead Flats Campaign

Join us for ‘Take Back Wanstead Flats’ on 2pm on Sunday 21 November. The Save Wanstead Flats campaign plans to use wooden stakes and tape to mark out the boundaries of the proposed police base on the Flats, in order to show just how much space it will swallow up in 2012. Maps or drawings

56 Sage Street

What to make of this 56 Sage Street app

I was asked to review this new viral video game called 56 Sage Street but to be honest I don’t have much to compare it with. I’ve been playing a game called Empire Avenue recently (ticker ANDYR) , which is a kind of social media stock trading game – and I can keep that down

itunes podcast

Podcast Live

Following on from the Podcast idea a few weeks back I promised to post again telling you how to subscribe in iTunes or get the podcast automatically delivered to the podcast player of your choice. We’ve had four podcast prototypes broadcast and published already and the show is ready to go live on Tuesday July

Andy Roberts Music on USTREAM_ Andy Roberts Music live show includes half made up songs, improvisation and requests. Prototypes begin in July 2009 with a r... Tuesday Nights Andy Roberts Music 7.00pm

Andy Roberts Music on Tuesday Nights I’ve been trying out for making live broadcast videos and I think it’s something I’d like to experiment with further. So I decided to pick a day and time to see if I can persuade a few people to tune in for some simultaneous music and chat. I


Now I’ve Got Swine Flu – Really

First Person Swine Flu I have written about swine flu recently from an epidemiological point of view but now, unfortunately, I’m in the position of being able to provide a first person account of the disease as it progresses in my own body. I’ve been ill for two days, not had a thing to eat,


Cajun Music, Cajun Food

The first clip on youTube from the Havering Folk Club Andy Roberts Night DVD is a song about Cajun Music and Cajun Food: “This is a man who know his onions” What’s it all about? Well you see, I once worked in a canteen cooking dinners… (First time I uploaded from a .mov it the

facebook pages are social objects

Facebook adds Social Objects

This month sees Facebook rolling out major changes on their social networking structure, appearing to embrace the concept of social objects and placing them on a par with the people in the network, which is where they should be. The changes are modest in terms of technical functionality but potentially could be very big in


Mozambique at Havering Folk Club

Havering Folk Club – Mozambique Well, here’s a funny thing. Peter Walters from Havering Folk Club has started putting up some live performance videos on youTube and here’s one of me singing “Mozambique”, often a popular song from Dylan’s Desire album of 1976. This would have been recorded on September 3rd 2008 according to this

Who is Nick Harper?

Dave Burnham made a video about Nick Harper. Related posts:Nick Harper Hors d’Oeuvres (Roy Harper) Islam – Roy Harper responds Man Skills Mariza – Portuguese Fado singer The Death of God Convert Animoto to youTube

Broadband demographics evident at Glastonbury Festival

Michael Eavis , the dairy farmer who runs Glastonbury music festival, blames the policy of selling all tickets online for the ageing of his audience this year. Here’s the Metro version of the news Glastonbury ‘too middle-aged’ This year’s Glasto turned into a mud bath Missed out on a Glasto ticket this year? Well, blame

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