15 Days To Go until London 2012 Olympics

I live almost exactly 2 miles away from the London 2012 Olympic Games main stadium at Stratford, East London.

So far, the main effect on my life has been to have watched the building of the iconic structures on the skyline. The Main Stadium, The Aquatic Centre and The Orbit Tower.

I don’t have a car but when I rent one and try to drive home via central London I found the closure of Carpenters Road a nuisance. Newham Council sent me some guff about registered visitors car parking during the games periods, which I ignored.

  • Concrete blocks appeared on street corners around where I live, and then notices about parking zones were attached later.
  • There are notices on some of the tube stations saying these are expected to be congested during the period of the games, and before, so Londoners should be planning alternative routes or ways of getting about.
  • I can see the construction of the controversial temporary police muster station at the other end of Wanstead Flats.

That’s about it it, so far. The items in the national news about ground to air missiles being installed on blocks of flats are a little alarming, but it doesn’t feel quite like a military police lockdown, yet. I’m dreading any increased helicopter noise, but you never know, maybe the no fly zone will actually make it quieter ?1

Will lots of  neighbours be taking advantage of the locality and to rent out their houses or receive loads of extra visitors for the duration? I’ve no idea. I’ll be staying put, and hoping for a quiet time. I’l let you know how it goes as the opening date comes ever closer.

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