Blog Action Day – Why I Won’t be Taking Part This Year

It takes place every October but this year I won’t be involving myself in Blog Action Day at all.

Blog Action Day is an annual online event that aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of lots of people all blogging about the same topic on the same day. This year  2012, it all happens on the 15th of  October.

Previous year’s topics have included:


2008 Poverty

2009 Climate Change


2011 Food

The topic is chosen each year by an authority who decides what the subject shall be and then informs everyone taking part. This year they have plumped for the headline: “The Power Of We”.

Call me grumpy if you like, but from my point of view this topic is at best ambiguous but more probably meaningless, and what irritates me is that it’s monocultural, devisive and most worryingly of all, totally ungrammatical so for that reason, I’m out.

Grumpy about BAD2012

Grumpy about BAD2012

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