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Today I can update my brief portfolio document to include the degree result which has finally been confirmed.


It was a relief that my justified degree title suffix ( IT ) was actually included and I’d like to thank the team who originally negotiated the Ultraversity BA LTR pathway so that people like myself could have the opportunity to become recognised with what has unfortunately become a necessary level of qualification for the kind of work that I intend to remain involved in.

It’s also the last day of my part time pro-rata day job for six weeks, and hopefully forever, so after spending a week with the folks in Cornwall I’ll be taking some rest and recuperation but also working hard on developing my future and brushing up on a whole swathe of technical skills that got left behind somewhere in the rush. In the technology field, learning needs to be continuous and at a brisk pace otherwise you can end up becoming deskilled and rendundant just by working in an environment that rests on its laurels for a few brief years. Of course nobody can keep up forever, but it’s increasingly difficult to find any niche which will ultimately offers even medium term security.

Y2K came and went, the launch of the Euro single currency also went more smoothely than predicted so now we just have the implications of climate change, peak oil and bird flu to prepare for…

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