Web 2.0 Wish for 2006 – Peer 2.0!

J. LeRoy puts his finger on something that has been irking me for three years now. All of these new web services, LMSs, blog tag facilitation, aggregators etc etc are just giving us back something we already had, but under somebody else’s control instead of our own. It won’t hold up in the long run though, because the physical network is primary and the services which run on it are secondary. So as long as the network is freely accessible, then some kind of grassroots peer to peer archicture will keep reappearing as the service of preference. And that’s why people persist with blogging despite all of the difficulties.

Web 2.0 Wish for 2006 – Peer 2.0!

“It’s a new year and many around the web are making predictions. I don’t know if my Web 2.0 prediction for 2006 is an actual prediction or if it is wishful thinking. I do know I sincerely hope it will happen.

There will be a resurgence of Peer to Peer architectures.

Web 2.0’s rhetoric is that it supports collaboration and communication – yet web 2.0’s main architecture is centralized. It’s all centralized.

The masses are rarely well served by central control.

Your site goes down and your mission critical information is lost. With well developed Peer to Peer application, there’s always a backup. With well developed Peer to Peer, you aren’t held hostage if your company goes down.

RSS, in fact, can be seen as trying to bridge the gap between the flatness of the web and the communication of peer to peer systems.

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