Degree Exhibition

Hi and welcome to my online exhibition. For these two weeks I am an exhibitionist, so I’ve been out and about trying to find people and railroad them along here to listen to what I have to say, and I am very grateful indeed that you have arrived. Thankyou.

This is what you are going to find further inside:
A few pages of narrative writing, diagrams, ideas, optionalpodcaststo listen to, a self analysis poll for you to consider, links to hidden corners of my online presence, and a glossary all designed to take up no more than 15-20 minutes or so of your time, unless you wish to expore further of course.

Since you have managed to find your way here, I’m going to assume that you can get back here again. Please do so whenever you feel the need the re-orientate yourself and especially at the end when you’ve had enough, so that you can leave me some useful critical feedback in the comments section below this entry page. That’s one of the most important parts for me, so please don’t forget to write something. You might like to take notes as you move around and then paste them into a comment, or open up two browser windows – one for browsing the exhibition and one for composing your comment. I’m sure you know best how you like to operate.

schedule of opening and closing times

Admission is open to all and everybody. Bloggers may deep link as well as pointing to the entry page.

“Bring all the people from Victoria Station. Everyone go home
and tell your relations” – Tommy!


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