New wiki pages

I’ve begun a few new wiki pages on the DAR wiki recently, and I thought I’d point them out , with some of my rationale for starting them.Email list hosting

This is the newest and shortest. I want to compare the alternatives to googlegroups and yahoo for hosting a simple email discussion group. I’m thinking that self-hosting will provide better stability long term, but so far the only options to examine are Majordomo and Mailman. Know any better? then please edit the wiki

London Bloggers

This is a wiki page for the group of London bloggers who meet up monthly in a pub near Waterloo Station. If you are a London blogger why not add yourself to the wiki and consider coming along next month, March 25th.

Web hosting

This one also started out from asking a question, or rather hinting at a problem on Twitter and then needing to collate and expand on some useful responses. I want to find the best UK based web hosting company, with the right attitude towards helping people to host the latest Wikis, WordPress multiuser, Ruby on Rails etc. The offshore hosting companies are also interesting when they are very cheap, but is the service reliable?

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