Hold on below

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Linda got me talking about the old days last night as we compared memories of the early 1970s and this song “Hold on below” was mentioned, it’s so old. I would guess from 1972 or possibly 1971, I think I was fourteen when I first picked up a guitar and churned out a schoolbook full of songs within a few months, only a handful of which have survived the passing of time like I think this one does. The recording was made in Dover in 1980-1 around the time that John Lennon was shot, and I think I must have recently bought a new set of strings for the old twelve string guitar because it sounds quite bright compared to other recordings.

Andy RobertsHold on Below

Lyrics are kind of bleak and nihilist with a streak of rebellion, which is perfectly fitting for a teenager and I ‘ve really no idea where the nautical analogy came from, canal boating possibly.
The embedded mp3 player is from Last.fm and applied to the WordPress blog using the excellent “embedit” plugin which I’m delighted to have discovered because it overcomes the theme breaking problems associated with embedded scripts, and keeps the code well out of reach of any wysiwyg editor.

Below is just an image link to the Last.fm page for the song:

Hold on below - Andy Roberts

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