WordPress as a Wiki

WordPressversion 2.6 is now out on release and the video below shows some detail of the new revision control which gives authors some of the functionality of a Wiki on top of the most popular blogging platform.

From now on, a history of post versions is retained in the database together with the date stamp and author details, so that different versions can be compared and if necessary reverted. That’s one of the main essential features of a wiki taken care of. With self registration and a granular level of administrative privilege already built in, it should be possible to set up a WordPress installation which is fairly open for public editing, just like a wiki. All that’s left to be added in order to give mediawiki a run for its money is a nice and simple way to link across between posts, by reviving the concept of CamelCase WikiText perhaps. Then there’s section editing, edit summaries and recent changes and the whole method of navigating from the post as published to the wysiwyg editor in the dashboard especially if this involves login along the way.

But the news is big because version 2.6 has just taken an enormous leap forward towards becoming something even more powerful. The idea of WordPress as a Wiki content management system is firmly on the agenda.

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