Upload your music onto Spotify

Dear Artists,First of all; we are really glad to hear that you are interested
in getting your music onto Spotify.We appreciate your patience since you signed up to the Spotify
Artist and Label list. The reason why we haven’t gotten back to
you earlier is that we haven´t been ready to launch our own
uploading-platform.  Our time and energy has gone into uploading
thousands of tracks every day from our existing partners which
is a continuous process. However, getting independent artists
music onto Spotify is important to us so we’re working on various
solutions to assist artists.The current solutions we offer indie artists offer are CDBaby, Ditto Music and Record Union. They are artist- aggregators, who we’ve recently made an agreement with, and we highly recommend to you as a method to get your music onto Spotify.  With them you can create a standard agreement and upload your music onto
Spotify as well as deliver your music to other great services such as 7digital and Amazon.

We’re really looking forward to having your music on Spotify soon!


The music team at Spotify

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