Compact Cassette tapes replaced by mp3 playlists

Just when I finally got around to finding a way to connect up a cassette player to my computer, the medium is declared obsolete:

Currys gives cassettes the boot – blaming the “MP3 generation


That icon of music discovery, the audio cassette, looking to be heading off the shelves for good. High street retailer Currys is selling off its existing stock, with no intention of replenishment. The reason? We’ve all gone digital.

The vital pice of equipment was a phono lead, connecting the headphones output socket on the portable CD/tape player to the microphone input socket on the soundcard device, in this case a griphin iMic. Adjust the volumes, boot up Audacity and save each side as a huge wave file or export sections as mp3. Simple. I don’t think I’ll be going through my entire colection of old tapes though, the albums, Bhangra and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan tapes from Green Street market, concerts, compilations and “last night’s John Peel”

But it will enable me to futureproof and edit a couple of old tapes I recorded in 1981 of a load of old songs I wrote as a young person n the 70′s and then upload them as back catalogue to , (when it’s working for upload)

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