Blogs as community killers

Miguel wrote some reflections about blogs and communities, relating to listservs. I read it in my email, from a subscription to the com-prac yahoogroup.

Blogs as community killers? « eme ká eme
Blogs as community killers?
9 05 2007

Here is an experiment.

I followed the link to the blog, which I subscribe to anyway, but hadn’t seen the RSS yet, and I used a bookmarklet to save it as a draft blog post.

A little later, I read a reply from Patrick Lambe, again on the group – which included a rationale for replying there:

As to why I answered your post here rather than on your blog (I’m a
(a) I read it here first
(b) I’m interested as much in how other com-prac members might
respond as in your own response, and I have a stronger sense of
community “presence” within the forum than I do within a blog.

So I returned to my draft blog post, added this and posted it, mindlful that all I have done is to document my own process without adding any opinion, analysis or original content whatsoever.

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