Couscous Recipe

During the month of August I’ve been undertaking an intensive online course about the commercial internet and web 2.0. This course is called the Thirty Day Challenge and it has covered aspects including the crucial importance of market research, methods for measuring potential traffic, immersive learning, ethical writing, targeted posting, and authentic voice authorship. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster with unexpected community side effects and suchlike but the learning opportunites have been enormous and the potential application in a wider context cannot be overlooked.

One of the exercises for example has been to write three articles every day about a chosen topic, with the topic having been chosen not because of any familiarity with the subject matter, but from a purely quantitative set of metrics. Many have found that extremely difficult or given up.

On day twenty three of the challenge it was suggested that rather than write to a preconceived formula it would be better simply to tell an authentic story. This is how the best copywriting is achieved apparently.

Anyway, I decided after a while that rather than use a pseudonym or pen name, I would continue to publish all of my own writing under my own real name.

So here, as per the topic title of this post, is a piece of gonzo journalist cookery writing, which I produced yesterday afternoon as a response to lesson 22. I’ve no idea whether it fulfils certain criteria or not, but I enjoyed writing it a lot more than some other stuff, and that’s probably a good sign.

Here’s the article: Couscous Recipe

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Oh yes, if you are actually looking for a practical couscous recipe then you might be better off going straight to couscous recipe page or else visit the couscous recipe bookshop at amazon UK.




There’s now an illustrated Rabbit in Mustard with couscous and Quinoa recipe page up on the couscous recipes blog as well.

Amazon UK couscous recipe bookshop

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