Movable Type and WordPress

Victor Acquah wrote to me asking about blogging software. I can’t answer his request to recommend a blogging tool which has a robust wiki module incorporated into it. I use a combination of WordPress and MediaWiki but does anyone know of a good “Bliki” combination?

To explain why I migrated my own blog from Movable Type to WordPress a couple of years ago  I said that my Movable Type blog was hosted for me by an organisation which now no longer exists, so a move to my own domain was a sensible step to take.  At the time, MT was the best blogging software available, but it was overtaken by WordPress several years ago.  What is the current situation though?
WordPress is getting ever more popular but there may be signs that the core code  is getting slightly over ambitious, with successive new releases breaking established plugins and themes. People are sometimes frightened to upgrade.

And Movable Type 4 has been developed, released as Open Source with maybe some of the fancy features from Vox incorporated, but I don’t have direct experience of that.

If you were a new blogger with no baggage or archive to lug around, starting completely afresh what would be your choice of platform and why?

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