SearchWiki from Google is LIVE

SearchWiki is Google 2.0
Searchwiki just started rolling out around the world today, so now you can log in to Google Search and when you see search results pages you don’t like – you can edit them.

Vote individual results up or remove them, share your edits and see others’ edits for the same page.

Is SearchWiki a Wiki?

Not really.

How will this affect the standard Google search results over time? Nobody knows.

here’s a video from Google that shows how SearchWiki works, but as yet it’s still a little unclear as to how the sharing of edited Search Wiki pages will happen.

How to use Google Search Wiki

SearchWiki is simple enough not to warrant a screencast tutorial probably, but here’s a link to the Help page How to use Google Search Wiki

How to switch SearchWiki off

You might not want to see buttons and clutter in your search results so how can you use Google search without the new functionality and revert back to the plain vanilla version? Well one way is to log out from your Google account, but you find you have to log back in again whenever you want to use one of Google’s other useful web applicatios such as Gmail or Analytics.

There is a Greasemonkey script at how-to-disable-google-searchwiki which will give you the appearance of being logged out even when you are logged in, if you think that’s a good idea.

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