Exhibition contents

Exhibition contents

The best way to make sense of this exhibition is probably to follow the narrative by reading sections 1-5 in sequence. Then do the Four dichotomies test.

1) Background online communities, degree, ukcider WIKI, DAR

2) Research Method meta research, emergence, nested cycles

3) What I did
develop DARwiki, pilot exhibition, blog, refine definition, communities of practice, Web2.o conference, Emergent Coding Analysis, 100words, dar group at areol, barn raising

4) Spinning Plates from which you can always delve deeper

5) What have I learned so far? some findings

Four dichotomies a self analysis poll foryou

Diagrams – for those who prefer visual information, and podcasts for the aural.

The big picture


Feedback please, on your WAY OUT – Back to blog, (exhibition entrance)

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